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"Only thing more beautiful than the woman that knows what she wants, is the woman who isn’t waiting on anybody else to get it for her."
Rob Hill, Sr
Edita / 19 / Croatia

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"It’s okay if I’m not
your favorite
chapter you have
but I hope you
sometimes smile
when you flip
back to the pages
I was still apart of."


"Even if your hands are shaking
and your faith is broken
Even as the eyes are closing
Do it with a heart wide open."

- John Mayer - Say (via nofatnowhip)

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"You are a woman. Skin and bones, veins and nerves, hair and sweat. You are not made of metaphors. Not apologies, not excuses."

- Sarah Kay, excerpt from “The Type”  (via calmingcalamity)

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"If you show me you don’t give a fuck, I’ll show you that I’m better at it"